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“How to Build Access Database Queries” eBook

Instantly Download My New, Easy-to-Read £14.97 eBook Guide and Discover My Secrets about Building Well Designed Microsoft Access Database Queries

From The Desktop Of: Ben Beitler (London, UK) – “Your Access Database Expert”

Dear Friend,

Have you ever been in a situation where your manager or supervisor has asked you produce a report for that all important meeting or presentation that involved you having to first build a query (instruction) to collect accurate information from a database before despatching the information in a presentable format.

Having been in similar situations where the onus as a database administrator required me to produce ‘ad-hoc‘ reports usually last minute therefore having very little time to plan and build reports, I soon realised there must be an easier to manage this process and be prepared for the next time it happened.

Well, good news! I did manage to structure my design plan and handle the process which allowed me to generate new reports (queries) in extra quick time keeping to my simple to follow techniques that I’m offering to you for the first time.

Fortunately for me (and now you), I found a way out…

Build Microsoft Access Queries (or any other database application to be fair) is easy to plan, design and run in minutes once you have understood the pros and cons of the application!

“How My £14.97 Guide Helps You … Permanently”

I have put together a comprehensive eBook guide of about 22 pages introducing you to the principles, techniques and the do’s and don’ts when building Microsoft Access Queries which caters to all levels of users as it explains the disciplines and conventions that even the more accomplished user may not be aware.

Ben Beitler

(+44) 7881 502400

United Kingdom




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