Working with ms access tables


Like in other database application tables are the building block of any ms access database. These tips will be on how to create a table andenter data in the ms access database that is stored in your tables. Tables are the only place you can store data in ms access databases.

What is a table in ms access?

The table is set of columns and rows. Columns in ms access tables are called fields. When working with a table, every field should be giving a specific name and two fields cannot have the same name. Every single value in the field represents a single category of data. Also, note that every row in ms access table are called rows.

Creating a table

Here is how to create a table which will store the basic contact information of a customer:

  • Create a database then access automatically open table-one-datasheet view for a table.
  • Go to the field table, this will be automatically created. Then the ID which is an autonumber field act as the primary key for the table
  • Since the ID field has already been created and we now want to rename it to suit our conditions. This is a customer table and this will be the unique identifier for our customers. Click on the Name & Caption option in the Ribbon and you will see the name, caption and description form in the dialog box which will be shown. Change the name of this field to ‘CustomerID’ to make it more specific to this table. Enter the other optional information if you wish to include and click Ok.
  • We have successfully created our employee ID field with the caption ‘Employee ID’. This is automatically set to the auto number there is no need to change the data type. Add more fields by clicking on click to add. Select Short Text from the drop-down menu as the field. Microsoft Access will then highlight the field name automatically and all you have to do is input the field name. Type ‘CustomerName’ as the field name. Add all the required fields which will include your customer details. Click the Save icon.
  • Include the name of your table and save with .tbl extension.

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